Marion Robinson
is a Finnish graphic designer, lecturer and visual artist. Her creative work has been exhibited in museums and exhibitions internationally.

She is a partner at Nomal design
working there with projects ranging from non-fiction book and
exhibition design to environmental graphic design and branding projects.
Her clients include, among others, Aalto University,
Finnish Design museum, Lahti Art museum and Isku Interior.

Marion is a Senior Lecturer of graphic design at
Lahti Institute of Design, LAB University of applied sciences.
She studied graphic design at the Lahti Institute
of Design (BA) and Aalto University School of Arts,
Design and Architecture (MA) in Finland.

Marion a founding member of Liiketila art collective exploring the crossroads of art, science and written language through poetry, movement, sound and space.

This site is an archive of some of her personal projects in the art space.

If you would like to collaborate on a project, please get in touch.