Muotoilijan aamiainen

/ APRIL 2012 > ongoing

Muotoilijan aamiainen, loosely translated as "Design breakfast",
is a lecture series aiming to bring creative people together
to spur new creative multidisciplinary collaborations and get inspired during work day.
Since it's inception it has evolved to be a series of industry events and a platform for cultural exhange.

I founded Muotoilijan aamiainen in Spring 2012 and it proved as compelling as I had hoped.
Already the event has helped designers to network and created a platform for open discussion.
During 2012–2013 12 events were held with 24 speakers in studio visits to artist's and designer's
works spaces in Lahti and Design museum, Helsinki.
Since then we've held event in Design Forum Showroom in Helsinki and during Lahti poetry week in 2015.
Speakers represent practising designers, artists and researchers, from Finland and abroad.
Speaks held by prof. Tapio Vapaasalo, Prof. Matti Koskela (FIN), designer Lucas Lima (BRA),
designer Aljaz Vindis (SLO), among others.

The event was invited to take part in Independent Biennial, in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2013 and 2015,
where we also featured Finnish illustrators (2013) and produced an exhibition showcasing
Finnish visual poetry (2015) in Kino Siska and on GEM Digital bus screens in Ljubljana.

More info about the breakfast and guests (mostly in Finnish)
or you can contact me at marion(at)

Supported by :
Lahti City culture department
Lahden Muotohuoltamo and WDC Helsinki 2012

In collaboration with :
Kino Siska
Aalto University
Finnish UNICEF
GEM Interactive
Design Museum Helsinki
Design Forum Showroom

Photo: Maileena Tuokko